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Signalman’s Safety Sleeves help heavy equipment operators see their signalman in low light and poor visibility conditions.  These safety gloves include reflective finger panels and sleeves giving the operator clear instruction and providing extended safety for the entire crew.  Perfect for construction, manufacturing, fire departments and first responders, road crews, and airport personnel.

Signalman’s Safety Sleeves are made from lightweight safety vest material with reflective detailing on the sleeve, fingers, and palm (reflective stop sign).  We offer a complete safety set which includes Signalman’s Safety Sleeves, Signalman’s Short Sleeves, Safety vest, and glasses light to be worn by heavy equipment operators.



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The Problem:

Low visibility situations create safety concerns for operators and their signalman.

The Solution:

Signalman’s Safety Sleeves utilizes light reflection to highlight the signalman’s directions.


“I saw a simple solution to increase signalman visibility”

– Bob “Hook” Peifer, Founder and CEO


Hook has 30 years of industrial construction experience and on every job he was exposed to many unsafe situations. He realized that all trades have a common denominator… signaling. Hook’s idea to make all construction jobs safer lead to his patented Signalman’s Safety Sleeves.


  • Boilermaker – 20 years
  • Steel Mill – 5 years
  • Road Working – 5 years

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